Action strategy

Focused on the highest product quality. The high class of LECH-DRÓB branded products depends not only on our specialized technological lines or innovative production process, but above all on the quality of the livestock. For this reason, we attach great importance to the selection of business partners supplying poultry for livestock, such as:

  • cargo laying hen,
  • reproductive breeding hen,
  • chicken broiler


We currently cooperate with a group of over 1,000 certified farms in 16 countries, but our main suppliers of livestock come from Poland. In order to maintain the appropriate quality of production, we make sure that the poultry farms we cooperate with are under constant veterinary supervision, and that the breeders comply with the strict standards within the HACCP system. We constantly monitor the living and living conditions of poultry on the farm and evaluate the condition of animals before and during transport.

Transport fleet

The vehicle fleet of the LECH-DRÓB Poultry Plant has the appropriate permits to transport poultry. Our slaughter livestock transport fleet also manages its own, specialist transport fleet, adapted to the transport of poultry. We have relevant permits in this regard. Our vehicles have the appropriate certificates, and the drivers have the required licenses to transport poultry. During the transport of poultry, we provide humane transport conditions in accordance with animal welfare regulations. We try to make transport efficient and short as possible, as well as adapted to weather conditions, which is why our fleet is equipped, among others, in the ventilation or watering systems.

Mercedes LechDrób

Cooperation with poultry farmers

The basis for establishing cooperation is a business meeting and direct contact with a potential supplier of the livestock, during which mutual needs, expectations and opportunities are discussed. We approach each breeder individually and remain flexible in negotiations. We always want to work out real terms of cooperation and bring mutual business satisfaction.

Department’s priority

The priority of the livestock contracting department is to establish long-term cooperation, which translates into cyclical purchase and sale transactions, but we are also open to short-term commercial contracts. Regardless of everything, in cooperation we value reliability, timeliness and simple human honesty. If you are interested in cooperation with LECH-DRÓB – please contact us.

Geographical diversification

The livestock Department implements a policy of diversifying sources of supply for poultry slaughter livestock in order to maintain production flow, satisfy current market demand and guarantee price stability and timely deliveries to customers. As part of an optimized contracting strategy, we take care of signing futures contracts in Poland as well as in the European Union Member States.

The livestock department

Agnieszka Laskowska

Head of Livestock


phone: +48 515 118 288

Tomasz Witkowski

Logistics Manager of the Contracting Department


phone: +48 515 118 334

Jarosław Golański

Head of the livestock department


phone: +48 515 118 296

Danuta Szymańska

Purchasing specialist


phone: +48 515 118 321

Katarzyna Domozych

Purchasing and sales specialist


phone: +48 515 118 302

Marek Czerwińki

Purchasing specialist


phone: +48 515 118 301

Milena Falkowska-Hojan

Purchasing specialist


phone: +48 515 118 287

We offer whole carcasses as well as individual elements

The LECH-DRÓB Poultry Plant offers whole carcasses and individual elements from the cutting of broth, meat and chicken – both fresh and frozen (a modern blast freezer). Many years of experience, modern technologies, efficient staff of specialists and reliable suppliers of livestock, which are both a guarantee of the highest quality of products signed with the LECH-DRÓB brand.


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