The LECH-DRÓB company

For nearly three decades, it has been thriving in the processing of poultry raw materials, dealing mainly with the purchase, slaughter and cutting of hens and chickens. Since the establishment of the company in 1995, LECH-DRÓB has been headquartered in Zalewo (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship), where at present the plant operates on an area over 15,000 m2.


Efficient management

Flexible response to the changing market situation, investment in modern technologies and concern for the highest quality resulted in LECH-DRÓB quickly becoming a significant manufacturer in the industry. The result of the development is a dynamic expansion in foreign markets, because today the Zalewski plant exports its products to almost 800 customers from more than 130 countries around the world. Successively increasing capacity and demand for high-quality goods have meant that LECH-DRÓB currently cooperates with nearly 1,000 raw material suppliers and employs almost 500 people, making it one of the largest employers in the region.

Nearly 800


130 countries

around the world

Nearly 1000

suppliers of raw material

500 people


Selective purchase of raw material

Slaughter, cutting, packaging of poultry meat, as well as logistic and transport independence – allow us to control quality on an ongoing basis and offer our contractors the best goods. The trust and satisfaction of our customers is a priority for the entire LECH-DRÓB team, which is why we tirelessly make every effort to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.


Our competences and high standard of services are confirmed by numerous industry awards, diplomas and certificates, including:


the certyficated issued by TUV for compliance with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, which proves high competence in the area of HACCP, hygiene, safety and food quality.
the certyficated issued by TUV, related to compliance with the IFS standard, confirming high operational efficiency of food processing and packaging plants and product quality.
the PL-EKO-07 certificate issued by AGRO BIO TEST, concerning organic farming products,
the HALAL certificate confirming compliance with the requirements for production, packaging and storage of products in accordance with the standards of Islamic law and Muslim culture.
TÜV Rheinland


The poultry plant, which was founded by Bogusław and Henryk Lech, is also willingly involved in various types of initiatives for the local community and actively supports actions aimed at the public good.

We encourage fruitful cooperation between breeders and recipients of a wide range of LECH-DRÓB products, who value reliability, timeliness, honesty and the highest quality.

The livestock purchasing department

The high class of LECH-DRÓB branded products depends not only on our specialized technological lines or innovative production process, but above all on the quality of the livestock.

Trade department

The trade department of LECH-DRÓB provides direct services to recipients of products, offering them primarily poultry carcasses of local and foreign recipients of products, such as poultry carcasses and individual elements from the cutting of meat hen, broth hen and chicken.

Transport and Logistics Department

An extensive and diversified fleet of vehicles with specialized vehicles with a load capacity of 2 to 24 tons – allows you to precisely adjust the transport to each order size. A great logistical convenience is the proximity of the modern port in Gdańsk, through which LECH-DRÓB carries out export orders mainly for customers from outside the European Union.

We offer whole carcasses as well as individual elements

The LECH-DRÓB Poultry Plant offers whole carcasses and individual elements from the cutting of broth, meat and chicken – both fresh and frozen (a modern blast freezer). Many years of experience, modern technologies, efficient staff of specialists and reliable suppliers of livestock, which are both a guarantee of the highest quality of products signed with the LECH-DRÓB brand.


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