• Livestock Procurement Specialist
    In connection with the growth of our company we are searching for candidates for the position of: Livestock Procurement Specialist
  • New freeze store
    On 1st July 2013 we started upopened a new shock freeze store. read more...
  • A new record!!!
    In May 2012 we slaughtered a record number of poultry: 4,500 tonnes.
What is the purpose of the Livestock Department?

The Livestock Department procures poultry livestock on behalf of Lech Drób to meet the company’s demand for production purposes. In order to fulfil this task the Livestock Department employs a professional team of salespeople, performs extensive research on the livestock market, and has at its disposal a fleet of specialist transport vehicles. At the request of a contracting party, the Livestock Department may arrange catching and loading of poultry, for which the Department cooperates with a number of well-trained teams.


A characteristic feature of the company—constituting one of its greatest strengths and giving it a competitive advantage — is the exceptional flexibility of its production capacities, which allows it to slaughter several kinds of poultry. We slaughter spent stock and meat hens, turkey cocks, turkey hens and broilers.


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The Livestock Department, responsible for executing the strategy of Lech Drób regarding procurement of livestock for slaughter, would like to assure both its present and future contracting partners that all concluded contracts will be consistently performed for the whole term of the relationship. As a token of our commitment we are ready to enter into long-term agreements with producers and sellers of livestock, being fully aware of the legal consequences of our declarations. All this demonstrates that Lech Drób is a strong and trustworthy brand.

All poultry farms from which Lech Drób procures livestock are under close veterinary supervision. Many of them have implemented the HACCP quality system.

Our first priority is to procure livestock from Polish poultry farms. Our suppliers include the largest domestic enterprises operating in this sector.

Assuming that market trends and the estimated risk associated with the profitability of individual types of poultry are in line with forecasts, Lech Drób is able to finance a portion of production costs, such as purchase of feeds or chicks, incurred by its partner breeders. In such circumstances Lech Drób is additionally able to obtain favourable discounts from suppliers. The above applies exclusively to breeders which fulfil specific criteria set forth by Lech Drób.

Lech Drób has its own fleet for transporting livestock, composed of 25 specialist vehicles. These are segmented vehicles consisting of a tractor unit and a trailer or semi-trailer. Lech Drób fulfils all requirements for the transport of livestock - it holds all the necessary permits and vehicle acceptance certificates, and all its drivers and staff trending to the animals possess the required licenses. The vehicles are specially designed and specifically adapted for the purposes of transporting poultry, making them safe and ensuring humane conditions during transport.


Our product range:

We offer whole carcasses and individual parts. Upon request we cut and process selected parts according to the customer’s specific requirements.


- light hen
- heavy hen
- chickens
- turkey
  • 1 Filet kura rosołowa
  • 2 Skrzydło kura rosołowa
  • 3 Ćwiartka kura rosołowa
  • 4 Korpus kura rosołowa